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Wedding Table Name & Number Ideas

It's all about the details! We have put together some creative and unique ways for you to express your wedding style through table names. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Writing out the number gives it a different look but is still so simple.

Flag them down with this adorable sign made out of burlap, or swap it out for whatever looks right.

Capture this perfect design using a small piece of wood, white paint and an artistic hand to write each number.

Leave behind the traditional numbers and name each table after a destination you and your adventurous spouse have traveled to.

It’s classic and chic so wine- not choose this piece! Kill two birds with one stone as you greet each table with a bottle of wine labeled with their table number.

Guest will have no problem finding their table with this number on a stick that could simply stem from a bouquet of flowers.

Let each table number reveal some special facts the newlyweds should know about each other.

Polaroid perfection to say the least! Name each table after an important place in your lives.

Give your guests another reason to laugh with a throwback picture of you and your spouse at the age of each table number!

Provide a brief description of the name of each table and the why it is so significant for the newlyweds.

Happy Planning!

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