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Tips For Your Beach Wedding

Let's face it, beach weddings are beautiful but they don't come without challenges. Here are some tips to remember when planning your beachfront ceremony.

#1. Sand and high heels just don't mix. Wear flat-sole sandals, espadrilles or wedges, shoes that won't sink into the sand.

#2. Remember, sand can get pretty hot. Have an aisle runner made of fabric or thick flower petals to keep from burning your feet.

#3. Consider an updo, think of the elements when deciding on a hairstyle.

#4. Nix the veil, when marrying outside. If it's windy, it will be a nightmare for you and the photographer. Instead, accessorize with fresh flowers or a fascinator.

#5. Know the tide, make sure your ceremony won't end up in the water.

#6. Get a permit! Research the required paperwork to hold your ceremony on the beach, especially if it's public. Also, inquire in advance about noise ordinances.

#7. Ensure privacy, beaches are most crowded on holiday weekends.

#8. Time it right. When dealing with beach wedding photos, lighting is especially important if you want sunset photos.

#9. Set up a shoe station. Don't let your guests spend the day with sand in their shoes, offer a bench, towels and a bucket of water.

#10. Offer refreshments. Set up a table with ice water, lemonade or a signature cocktail that guests can enjoy while waiting for the ceremony to start.

#11. Prepare for wind, a good rule of thumb on the beach is anything that can blow away will. If you're using ceremony programs, weight them down with shells, tie them to chairs with ribbon or print them on fans.

#12. Speak up during the ceremony. You've spent so much time writing your vows, so be sure it doesn't get lost against the sound of crashing waves. Rent a wireless microphone and speaker for your officiant to use.

#13. Have a backup plan. Unfortunately, weather has a mind of its own, so be ready with a solid plan B. Have a canopy or tent ready or find a space indoors where everything can take place.

#14. Anchor decor. Wind can topple tall floral arrangements, blow out candles and send other table elements flying.

#15. Keep warm. To help you and your guests fight a wind chill, arrange a basket of comfy, color-coordinated pashminas.

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