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Ditch The Traditional Guest Book With These Unique Sign In Ideas!

While a heartfelt message from each of your guests is greatly appreciated, over the years that book is tucked away and doesn’t get the publicity it deserves. Here are some ideas that wont be a disappointment on the big day!

Displaying a globe that guests could sign! This is a great reusable home décor piece while also serving as an inspirational piece for the newlyweds to travel.

Wine-not have your guests sign corks and place them in a shadow box? This would look great in your home after the wedding!

Rustic Wedding anyone? Create a wooden DIY sign and have guests sign in by writing on the wood! This is a great way to be constantly reminded of the many special people who attended your wedding while becoming your latest décor piece in the home.

Have your guests sign rocks that can later be placed in a bowl or basket inside of the home.

Help yourselves out! Have guests sign in by writing their name and address on separate envelopes!

Keep the guests interactive! Grab a dictionary and have guests choose a word they feel best describes the Bride & Groom, then circle it and sign their name next to it! This will keep things interesting after the wedding and make a great conversation piece in the home for many years to come!

Place a small booklet on each table that corresponds to the table number. Have the guests write you both a message that you will read on that anniversary.

Having a vintage inspired wedding or just downright love music? Have your guests sign vinyl records that can be hung in your home as a statement piece. The Vinyl Records can be swapped out for any additional item based on your likings!


With love,

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